The World's Strongest Coffee



With everything that is going on in the world around us, we want to make sure that we are awake! Now is not the time to sleep!

Yes, BLACK INSOMNIA is made with love. It’s made with passion. But it’s also made with loads of integrity and without any frills, nutropics or additives. Pure, undadulturated and insanely strong.


  • With Black Insomnia you’ll be more awake than you’ve ever been before!
  • The secret to Black Insomnia’s great taste and super high caffeine is the combination of our beans and the artisanal roasting approach. We went to the ends of the earth for this powerful blend!
  • We have better flavour and more caffeine than any other coffee
  • Caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas, on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavour – high performance coffee has never tasted this good
  • Every Black Insomnia coffee bean is roasted to perfection in a time – tested drum roaster. We roast with highest precision, so you get all the flavour and caffeine without bitterness or burn.

How We Make The World’s Strongest Coffee

It’s all about the beans, baby.


When you’re trying to make a stronger coffee than anyone has ever made before, you have to start with the beans. Because that’s all there is to it. We make Black Insomnia the World’s Strongest Coffee using nothing other than a pure blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans (no freaky extra nootropics or other additives!)


Black Insomnia is not just coffee beans. It’s a blend of rare and exclusive beans that’s the result of years of research and experimentation. We achieve Black Insomnia’s unique caffeine content with the help of dedicated producers who grow coffee in regions renowned for high-caffeine beans (all with an exceptional flavour profile).

Brilliant Beans | Refined Roasting

How you grow your coffee is what puts the caffeine in the bean, but how you roast it is what makes it worth drinking.

We use a traditional barrel roaster to preserve the power and fine-tune the flavor in Black Insomnia coffee. Barrel roasting coffee beans is a painstaking process and it means we have to roast in smaller batches. But it’s a time-tested method that’s extremely precise, so it allows us to maximise our results and squeeze that caffeine boost into every cup. In fact, this year we moved Black Insomnia HQ to Europe so we could be closer to our roasting operation. Now, when you taste Black Insomnia coffee and realise the World’s Strongest Coffee has world class flavour, you’ll know it’s the roast that’s responsible.

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