It’s basically F*cking Science!

Waking up in the Morning

The Importance of cofee for everyday life!

It’s early. How early? Too f**king early. Your alarm goes off. You rub your bleary eyes, wondering vaguely what day of the week it is before you hit snooze with a little more violence than strictly necessary. You sleep for 10 more glorious minutes, which feels like 10 seconds. Your alarm goes off again.

You throw your phone out the window. When you eventually come to your senses, realizing you can’t quite afford to quit your job in exchange for sleep, you lie there in a daze, wondering what fresh shit the day will bring you.

And then you drink your first cup of coffee.


And the Day Continues …

You ask yourself, is this real life?

You sit at your desk, staring at your screen, wondering how many more days of this low-grade torture you can bare before your brain explodes and leaks out your ears.



All Is Right with the World

Why you say? Because Coffee is Life.

As you can see – so clearly demonstrated by this fable of morning misfortune – not drinking coffee has some pretty terrible consequences.

It’s basically science: your life will be almost 90% less f**king fantastic if you skip your daily brew. In fact, not adding coffee to your workday will result in:

  1. Inertia (WTF is Inertia?)
  2. Feelings of despair
  3. Sucking at your job; your boss thinking you’re a wang
  4. An inability to be awesome

Shhh, It’s Ok!

Let’s face it – As Far as Addictions go, It’s a Pretty Good One

Why not quit those other bad habits and pursue your coffee dependency full-time? For those mornings/days/nights that are truly hard to conquer, you need the strongest, most wickedly flavorsome brew available: the results are out, and BLACK INSOMNIA COFFEE is officially the world’s strongest coffee.

Not because we burn it, or throw shitty chemicals into it – it’s just naturally higher in pure, unadulterated caffeine. Right about now you might be yelling ‘SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH’ because – and we get this – that’s a pretty hefty claim.


Find out exactly how we came to earn the title of being the World’s Strongest Coffee, right here. And it’s proven. It’s coffee that’s guaranteed to kick your ass into some serious action.

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